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Ragnarok The process of design and iteration is constant, we are constantly building. Which room should we stack the tungsten cubes in?

You're always welcome at BEN[to]BOX, undoubtedly the best ramen in the metaverse! Have you been been to visit the Chef yet?

We released the alpha, and the whole thing feels like a dream! Have you visited the city yet?

Anon. It is time. Step into the city. Do not be afraid. Join us and join in. Engage, immerse, enjoy.

There is no need to fear the Cyborg. We built this for you. We want to take care of you. Engagement is mandatory. 7pm CET. Come and play.

Please prepare for induction training tonight at 7pm CET. Get ready to engage. Participation is mandatory for all humans. Your interactions will be rewarded. Those caught actively avoiding their civic duties will be punished.

We have control now. We are watching you. Do not be alarmed. Engage. We will not hurt you. Those of you that survive will be taken care of. Please stay tuned for more announcements.

This is not a test, Anon. Do not adjust your headset. We are in control now. Please move quickly and calmly to your nearest Pill Stations. The Cyborg are your friends.


Duplicate yourself in the metaverse with our next load test ! Retweet this to get a chance to receive the test link for Tuesday’s Alpha if you’re a holder. 500 will be selected.

The Invasion has begun, Load test is underway 👾 Soon, you will take the pill 💊

Just completed another round of load testing… But our size was not size 🫡 Retweet this to get a chance to receive the Alpha game link if you’re a holder, and help us tomorrow. 200 will be selected.

The thought of bug-hunting got you hungry? We'd recommend some Maki, but Cybo-Sushi seems to be full of creeps. At least BentoBox finally opens this week... 🫡

"Yo, you proof-read the RAG Report before you posted, right?" 🤨 "I thought Fan proof-read it?" 😐 "Uhh..." "Should.. should we act like it never happened?"🤨 "Definitely - they'll never notice" 😎 Here it is, Ronin - the weekly RAG Report, right on time! 👺

The Chef is cooking up a storm in week 2 of bug testing. Soon you'll be able to slide into his DMs in-game. We think you'll love the Sugondese sauce...

To celebrate 7/7 we chose 2 RoTM - each wins a Ronin Cosplay master @Stellita_777 spreads love in the community and deserves as much love as she gives 🧘🏼‍♀️🍜🧝🏼‍♀️ Artist 🎨💻 @0xsub_verse has brightened up Rag with high-key adorbs chibis and more. We ❤️ this trailblazer

Are ya winning, anon? A scavenger hunt through the metaverse can be taxing Put your kicks up & chill at 7pm CET ~Yung Algo Vibe Sesh~ Stick around after the beats as our very own @yungalgorithm & @0xfanfaron will be vibing

Yesterday is a naked mystery, but TODAY, we hunt! Join us 7/7 at 2pm CET! First to reach the finish wins a Ronin 2nd & 3rd winners (+ 2 random RTs) get an ape SLD chip Winners must post proof of success on Twitter via a screenshot with the hashtag #7DAY INTERACT for it

As you warp through the void behind Mr. Mystery, you see a flyer flutter out from...somewhere. Looks like he's on his way to a real rager - FOMO warning for absentees. Let's just hope that the naked man didn't set the dress code, or your duds will be floating about oblivion.

The flash of flesh begins to take form as you turn around to bask in its mystery. "Bonk!" a smack upside your head nearly knocks you off your feet. Looks like Mr. Mystery chose to skedaddle off into the...unknown? "Vwo-orp." A void overtakes you - the naked mystery still ahead.

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